Quantum Makeover Like a seed about to burst open, humanity has the opportunity to emerge into a coherent universal human through conscious evolution. New scientific research in quantum physics has resulted in dissolving out dated theories and old paradigms that we are just bio-chemical bags with junk DNA. Even within conventional science the division of mind and body is no longer acceptable. We discovered and confirmed with the new science what ancient spiritual teachers and great spiritual masters of all time knew; our lives matter, our thoughts matter and we are spiritual beings having a human experience. We are powerful master creators for we hold within the universal Source of all creation. Quantum Makeover™ is about shifting at the energetic quantum level to intentionally evolve one’s consciousness, bringing a convergence of coherent creative change into the physical realm. Conscious evolution is a quantum makeover both individually and collectively for a global shift in paradigms. This evolution requires conscious participation – spiritual activism. We must Be-Do-Be in order to experience “Heaven on Earth”.