Jane was able to literally melt away the feelings of anxiety using EFT in just a few minutes, leaving me calm and peaceful and able to handle my situation.”

– Cory W. AB

“Jane is a very enthusiastic presenter who fully engages with her audience.”

– C. Miller Ph. D., WA

“Jane’s warm style of presentation invites an audience to participate, share and receive the most benefit from her seminars possible. I highly recommend this program!”

– E. O’Malley, B.C.

Dear Jane,

With heart-felt gratitude I would like to thank-you for your Virtues Card Reading today on the situations I had that were troubling me. I felt so much better after your readings. I actually felt physically lighter. It was like the burden of uncertainty was lifted from my shoulders. Your accurate reading helped me look at my “problems” in a positive way, shining light and clarity on how I can transform these “problems” into invaluable soul learning opportunities by working with my inherent virtues. In many ways, it also confirmed what my intuition was already telling me, and the re-assurance was priceless. Thank-you, also, for your calm yet focused attitude while giving the reading. I felt valued and supported in your presence during the entire reading.
… and an unexpected bonus from my session with you, because my frustration with my soccer performance was not one of the issues we discussed in my reading, was that I scored not one, but TWO goals in my Division 2 soccer game later that night! Both of the goals were the unstoppable kind. The goalie had no chance of stopping them. Up until last night’s game, I had been struggling with my performance all season and had not scored any goals. My team-mates were amazed with my performance last night. They kept asking me, “What did you do different today? Whatever it was, do it again for next game!”

Jane, from the bottom of my heart, thank-you so much for the wonderful Virtues Card Reading. I look forward to the next one.<br>

Sonja Christopher
Sherwood Park, AB