QM Weight-loss Solution

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Our personalized QM Weight-loss Solution program is a successful component for our client’s physcial and emotional well-being, in support of their Quantum Makeover TM.

Based on proven principles developed by doctors for losing excess fat,  which have been used successfully by millions of people around the world for decades;  we fine tuned it to meet today’s generation of the newest leading edge protocols where spirituality and quantum science meet.

There are many reasons for excess weight gain, an important reason for professional coaching in the field of health, spirituality and energy psychology.  Having spent most of my life in a healthy normal weight range, two different times I have been plagued by health challenges bringing an increase in significant weight as a side affect.  Weight alone is not an issue, it’s what brings us to that place as it’s a symptom of something deeper both physical  and emotional.  Even an outbreak of mold causing illness can be a trigger for sudden weight gain along with strange symptoms which can mimic Lymes disease, Epstien-Barr or other viruses, not only affecting the liver but can move into other organs like the thyroid and bring chronic fatigue, brain fog and memory loss and other chronic symptoms most doctors have little training in.  No matter how disciplined one is, the weight may creep back up should any underlying symptoms are not addressed.  This is the foundation for success is working with each individual, whose energy patterns are unique and a reflection of what will support them to make a lasting change.

Our QM program assists clients in achieving their goals for a healthy mind-body.  Our clients success with permanent weight loss is achieved using safe and effective homeopathy, gemmotherapy and energy psychology.

The QM Weight Loss Coaching program:

  • Detox and weight-loss special protocol

  • Lose almost a pound a day (varies with individuals)

  • All materials for success – including manuals.

  • Fresh Natural Food Recipes

  • QM Personalized Daily Progress Tracker

  • Personalized Professional Coaching**

Benefits of QM Coaching Detox and Weight Loss Program:

  • Lose only abnormal fat

  • Reshapes the body naturally

  • Resets the metabolism

  • Reduces sugar and food cravings

  • Creates opportunity for a healthier body-mind.

Your use of fresh natural organic foods is designed for the body to naturally reduce excess weight  establishes a healthier metabolism and balanced normal weight.  Once off the program other natural foods are introduced and most people can maintain a healthy lifestyle without regaining any weight back. You’ll learn important tips to maintain your new healthy body weight as you continue to use whole organic food.

** Do I need a coach to lose weight?

It’s no secret that successful athletes, business leaders and entrepreneurs use coaches. Trained in EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), a form of energy psychology, dissolves unconscious limiting blocks to success is only one of the powerful tools you’ll learn.  Using Zoom there’s professional coaching for your success no matter where you are residing or traveling;  you are never far away!

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Just begin, whether you want to lose 10 or 100 lbs.

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Jane Elizabeth

** Please note: prices and /or programs subject to change.

** Disclaimer: For any medical condition consult your medical professional for diagnosis or treatment. This information is for educational and coaching purposes only.