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Do you feel an inner urge to be part of  the greater shift movement happening around the planet?

Is there a sense that your life matters and that you have come here at this time to contribute somehow?

Join Mastering Our Vibrational Energy (M.O.V.E.) training and balance your personal vibrational energies which ripple out like a wave emerging with others who are also imparting their contribution to the greater whole.  Researchers from around the world within quantum science have discovered humanity is interconnected and does influence reality through vibrational frequencies.   Blending modern science with ancient teachings we have the ability to transform ourselves for a more loving and peaceful planet now.  Each of us is like a powerful spark in the dark of the night.  When we are able to rebalance our own energy on the more subtle levels we not only shine within more brightly as individuals, we are joined by others emerging our higher vibrating  frequencies becoming One Light.  There is a growing awareness of recognizing the value in lowering stress levels emotionally, mentally and physically to blossom spiritually  into our individual potential.  This directly affects the potential for humanity as a whole to consciously evolve into a universal human, who when fully conscious,  will embrace virtues as a recognizable way of living life together on this planet.    We are at the tipping point, which can go either way;  the choice is yours to become a coherent individual.  M.O.V.E. is a program developed to assist you and other members in this urgent process of birthing a conscious  evolution.  For a planetary shift you can make a difference.

Make the change for yourself and for the world by participating in this exciting global community.

Join  M.O.V.E. – help make this shift within yourself becoming a coherent citizen and global member.

It’s a lifetime training for a one time price of only $197.

What does the M.O.V.E. training program offer?

We offer weekly sessions to reduce stress and rebalance your different energy fields including the emotional and mental planes that connect us all.  Different subtle bodies along with chakras, aura and meridian fields are vibrationally cleared for blocks and imbalances.  Stress levels are reduced and group work enhances the support of individuals within M.O.V.E. training.

Do I need to go anywhere or do anything?

No.  Only your intention to be open and a desire to explore your personal potential;  while understanding you have an opportunity to make an important contribution with others at this time.  A set time for a M.O.V.E. training session is on a weekly schedule.  We are encouraging and organizing local group gatherings to connect like minded individuals into coherent community’s that support a synergistic shift in energy within the group.  There are also groups connecting online and we will posting more information on it as we progress.

How many members are accepted into the M.O.V.E. training program?

There is no limit to how many members may join this program.  Our intention is to grow the M.O.V.E. to increase the vibrational levels of the planet at this time by empowering you to be part of a larger community for the change.  The potential for the M.O.V.E. training grows with the membership since each individual is “adding fuel to the flame” so to speak, and thus has a positive impact globally.  We are grateful and encourage you to share the M.O.V.E. with others for this reason.  The more energy of individuals we can help to shift their frequency together, we strengthen the group’s influence on the “Field” for a new humanity resulting in “Peace on Earth”!

We have gratitude when you have members of your community join M.O.V.E..

M.O.V.E. is only as powerful as the membership to make this program work!

You can help make a difference in this world by starting now.

How do I join and train with M.O.V.E. now?

Joining below allows you into the special M.O.V.E. training.

Start your experience with M.O.V.E. for 2016 – only $197.

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