Animal Connections

copyright of authorThere’s no question that animals have a key role in our lives.  Our connection with them runs deep and is historically documented.  Perhaps their place is becoming increasingly important in strengthening our empathy and heart connection for reverence of life;  playing a major role to bring humanity back into coherent heart/brain relationships.

Reconnecting with other species offers an individual to live a heart based life; animals whether wild or domestic by their very essence brings an opportunity for us to feel from a soul level. One of the greatest gifts animals can teach us is forgiveness.

Our personal relationships will shift, when we transcend our fears and drop our dominance over others, by practicing quiet moments in the presence of a peaceful animal.copyright of author

Animals are recognized as taking an important role when used for service or therapy for  individual health benefits.  Whether a pet visit to long term care facilities or working with individuals for building confidence, PTSD,  physical challenges etc., professional animal services have the intention to harmonize personal relationships with self and others.

Growing in popularity is Equine Therapy for both individual and corporate programs.  Expanding and used for various applications from hospital visits to private retreats, horses are excellent at directly mirroring back what the heart needs to know.Having a special place next to humanity, many of the same health issues that plague humans are found in animals.  They are exposed to trauma based experiences whether emotional or physical and with no belief systems like their human companion, animals respond well to natural energy healing modalities.  Subject to the same environmental issues as we are, they are excellent candidates for programs I offer which target stress reduction, detoxification and regeneration.

It’s important to have a good relationship between animal care givers and their veterinarian.  There are holistic vets who offer a variety of health modalities or are open to working with a team of health practitioners, trainers and farriers.