Hello and Welcome!

Here we are… on this journey together as never before in history.  Often our  challenges present experiences and events in our life which are gifts when we rise to the occasion.  We may surprise ourselves with the resilience we have within and the creativity that flows through us when we are balanced emotionally.  Moving from fear into love opens the door for a brighter future and we can do this by taking care of ourselves first.


Supporting clients we are now offering all private zoom appointments with sliding scale fees for service contact us for details.


Imagine waking up every morning filled with energy and enthusiasm.

What would your life be like living in a world experiencing  peacefulness?

Imagine our planet where kindness, caring and friendliness prevail.

Where respect and reverence for all Life on the planet spills into a collective heart-full of compassion and love for mankind.

It starts with you shifting your individual energy in mind, body and spirit;  empowering yourself to bring your unique gifts of character to share with others.


Jane brings a combination of quantum science technology,  learned experiences of energy psychology and spirituality with the universal language of virtues.  It’s time to move quickly, effectively and powerfully into your Divine right as a living man and woman into a purposeful life filled with love, inspiration and awe.


Regardless of where you are – begin now – together with Jane.

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